“Life is demanding. Rhythym is understanding. No one is gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong.”

The times they are a changin, even though I never really liked Bob Dylan. My recent dismal attitude has subsided and Ive crawled out of the bell jar that Ive sunken into this past week.  I think guys really do go through pms sometimes. Hormones must ebb and flow not only in females, they just must. So the usual routine every few months I go all Mrs. Dalloway for a while, then I vow to make some changes and take charge of my situation. Ive chiseled my issue down to that Im just not feeling like Im being the best I can be and so am not feeling the best I should. So Im throwing the gears into motion. Ive decided that Ill have to buy the fucking flowers myself.

Said changes usually include: slapping on a nicotine patch, opting for an extreme green juice instead of a slurpy, following my meal plan, actually doing cardio, house cleaning, and very expensive cosmetic products. So far Im right on track. This usually lasts less than a week. We will see. Im kinda adamant about the cigarettes this time. Ive failed at this time and time again, so its hard to feel confidant, but Im gonna give it another shot. The nic is bring me down man. Aside from that Ive been out whoring my resume around town. Fuck I hate looking for jobs, but this is a necessary step.

Got a load off my back today as I rolled the cumdumpster into the shop for a checkup. The bitch passed with flying colors. This surprised me. Ive been driving this thing with such paranoia. Every little tick I might hear, every whiff of gas… ive been sweating over. No longer. Im assured by the very attractive mechanic  thats its all A-OK. Whew. I had a couple hours to waste whilst the golf was being tinkered. After a grande vanilla americano and leafing through the new Details magazine, I headed into this video store Ive never been into before. For the first time in I have no clue how long…. decades, it feels like…. I got blatantly hit on. Can you believe that? The movie clerk, donned head to toe in american apparel (what is this craze with those hodies?? I dont get it.) flirted with me. So I bought a movie. It was the least I could do. I got the 1986 Texas chainsaw massacre 2. Its AWeSoME!!! 

Ill get off work early tomorrow, so I booked my complimentary bang trim from my crazy hairdresser. Ive never had a bang trim before. Its gonna be a whole new experience. Basically she just didnt cut my hair short enough last week, so I want it fixed. Check the magazines… the hair-in-the-face look is way out. She better not fuckin butcher me because I also have a blind fuckin date tomorrow eve. Just a casual thing, but nonetheless, are blind dates not stressful enough without also getting a hair trim the same day? fuuuuck.

Todays funny. This ones a doozie.


3 thoughts on ““Life is demanding. Rhythym is understanding. No one is gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong.”

  1. I hope that your bild date doesn’t look like that guy on your blog banner at the top of the page. It would be hard to understand what he was saying with all that blood in his mouth. “Gurgle… gurgle gurgle.” Huh?

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