“Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen, Beans Don’t Burn On The Grill.”

I never was much of a fan of Saturday nights spent alone at home. I know, I know.. Im twenty five years old and thats old enough to not care about ‘date night’ spent in solidarity. Still there is a small twitch somewhere behind my eyeballs every time. So after making the conscious decision to make light of unattractive situations, I started to wipe out my cupboards. Then… SALUT-TOI !!! I came across a couple of those mini bottles of kahlua that sometimes come attached to 26ers of stoli. It appears I had stashed a few away (Probably in the midst of a martini stupor.) behind a bag of macaroni. My evening has since taken a turn for the brighter side. Sipping hot coffee strong with kahlua, smoking out my window, just me and Sophie B. Hawkins. Damn, I wish I was her lover.

Three of my favorite things since  comming to the island have been: 1.urban wildlife, 2. documentaries, and 3. love ballads from the nineties. Ive crossed paths with all three today. 

1.  I was getting into the tanning bed earlier when I felt something tickle my foot. There it was… the biggest brown motherfucking spider I have ever seen. EVER SEEN! Huge…. like half the palm of my hand and Im not kidding. OH SICK! I stomped it promptly. Then a couple of filthy raccoons made their presence known outside my house. This morning while I was waiting for the bus I saw a crow attack another crow to get this food or something off the road. Then while the crows were fighting a squirrel darted out and took the food for himself. Im not sure if the crows noticed or not.


2. I rented the new princess Diana documentary tonight. Havent watched it yet. Not sure why I rented it either. I never really liked Diana. Kinda a camera hound wasnt she? And I always kinda resented the weeks upon months of news coverage of her death totally overshadowing Mother Teresa’s passing. 

3. Just made a new playlist today. This wont compare to Diandra’s, but its what Ive been rocking all night.

Where Does My Heart Beat Now – Celine Dion

Damn, I wish I was Your Lover – Sophie B Hawkins

Every Heartbeat – Amy Grant

Always Forever – Donna Lewis

On My Own – Peach Union

I Could Never Be Your Lover – White Town

Remember the Time – Michael Jackson

Human Nature – Madonna

Im Not In Love – 10cc

The last song is most notable…


3 thoughts on ““Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen, Beans Don’t Burn On The Grill.”

  1. i always thought friday was ‘date night’
    and speaking of spiders. fuck. opened the door to my new house the other day and one skittered across the floor. the size of a small dog i swear. i could HEAR the fucker running.

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