“I think you’ve made it through another winter.”

Everytime I see this video I get all patriotic. It reminds me how I love the long highways lined with trees. Sparse neighbourhoods with those old school power lines. Ancient sofa’s with heavier than necessary upholstery. Windowsills covered by dozens and dozens of layers of paint. Wind blown hair on pale skin. And of course, dead plants sitting in rusty flower pots.

Oleander, Oleander
Will you bloom again this spring?
I adored you
Then I ignored you
And now to me you’re everything
And those white blossoms that you gave freely 
Are now just twinkles in your eye
Oh behold her 
Oleander grows on the inside

She will forgive me
For I bring water
A sunny window to sit by
Oleander, I understand her
She’s just waiting for the time
To say it’s all right
Another season has brought us another chance
We’re together in this hot weather to dance

Oleander, I think you’re better
I think you made it through another winter.

Nothing has ended
It’s all been mended
It’s the way that it should be
You’re coming back 
You’re coming back 
It was so lonely here just me
This time no promises of what’s to come
We’ll just live it for the day
Oleander I see you stand there and I know you’ll be ok

Oleander I think you’re better


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