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I was just filing through the membranes of my deep psyche. For whatever reason I was remembering this one woman cashier at the safeway I shopped at while living in Vancouver. She had one of the most unfortunate bone structures I think Ive seen on a woman. It was like the chick from Species crossed with Sylvester Stallone. High, jutting cheekbones and a jawline  like a toilet bowl. She had a Mia Wallace haircut dyed black. Not just regular black, but what I like to call “Shoppers Drug Mart Black” you know, it almost looks bluish when strong light hits it. Now for the best part: her makeup. Thick liquid eyeliner. Not even pointed out at the edges. Just a thick black line painted ALL the way around her eyes, and you could see the little edge left right where her skin met her eye. She wore blush. Almost as it she smeared it on with her thumbs. She wore burgundy sparkles on her lips. I mean, it looked as though she used Elmers glue as lipstick, and then glittered her lips. They were amazing. Her whole look was completed with a black bow tie and cardigan.

Now, one would think that such a character would have a certain sense of humor. This was not the case. The bitch just stared. Not a stitch of emotion. She talked like The Terminator. Even Hal from 2001 A Space Odyssey had more charissma than this broad. But, there was something about her. She looked directly into your eyes as she spoke. And she spoke with great sincerity despite her lack of emotion. Every time I would go through her register, it was “Hello. How. are. you?” and then she would maintain eye contact waiting for an answer. I could never tell if she really cared, or if she was an android. I often think of her and sometimes get inspiration from her while Im working at my job dealing with customers.

Weird how people who you have had such minimal contact with and who you dont even know at all can stick in your mind and make such an impact of your life.

Few of you know that I worked as a 7-11 cashier for about 6 months back in 2004. There was a lady who would come in every day and get a can of coke, with a straw, and a Bingo scratch & win. Every day. Sure there were lots of folks who would come in daily and get weird shit like that. One guy would bring in his old Super Big Gulp cup, refill it and get a pepperoni stick. One chick would get a pack of canadians and some licorice. But thin coke & bingo lady stood out. She never smiled. Scratch that. She smiled once. One time instead of a can of coke she picked up a 2 liter bottle. I asked of she wanted a straw, and she laughed. She wasnt unhappy or a bitch, she just wanted to get her shit and get out. She stood out because she was just a bit different than the rest of the average clientelle at the ol’ Queensway 7-11. Upper middle class, she drove an suv and wore business attire. Probably about 45. Bobbed hair with highlights. If you go to any major bank and look for a white, middle aged,  female teller with dark lipstick… that is her. Bank tellers all look the same aside from gender, race, and age. I think of this woman almost daily when I make my almost clockwork slurpee run. She might be my soulmate.

I feel like Im changing lately. Im going through these weird phases, or maybe shedding layers. Is this what it feels like while growing up? Last week I was into pop music. What is going on? All I was listening to was Britney Spears or Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Then I kinda transitioned into Sarah Harmer for a day or so and now Im stuck on all this woodstock shit. I caught myself tonight, howling ‘Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)’. WTF? I slept untill 1:30 this afternoon. This has not happened in YEARS. I hate HATE sleeping past 9am. I always have my alarm set for 8, even on my days off. Especially on my days off. I love mornings and I hate sleeping the day away. My favorite part of the day is coffee with Perez. I woke up almost crosseyed today. Looking around I felt like I had gone through a time warp and I wan in some other strange land. So I called the day a write-off. I havent even showered. Spent it cleaning and organizing. Made  quick trip to pick up a second hand stereo amp from craigslist. I finally have my record player set up now. Yesss. Now to curl up with this ice cold pepsi slurpee and numb my mind with a movie. I rented The Whackness…


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