“Your kisses are as wicked as an M-16, and you fuck like a volcano.”

its a quarter to eleven and I’m four beers into the heat of the evening. Today was a hot one. Yes sir. It must have been close to 20 degrees. Sadly, I got sucked into the vice website  for hours (as is per usual on my days off work.) not quite realizing just what it was I was missing outside. That is untill I was enticed out by a friend to enjoy a cool one. Its no secret that I am and have always been quite a fan of ‘the drink’. Beers drank in the sunshine turned into a thrown together dinner of spinach avocado lox trim salad, spinach dip and a sourdough loaf turned into more beers watching David Attenborough nature special turned into a candle lit vigil and more beers in the field of Victoria High School… and more beers. Alas the sun set, the temperature dropped and the crowd turned a bit too ‘granola’ for my liking. So I trapsed myself home, toes a blazing as I opted for the savagery of flip-flops. And here I sit rather light headed, spinning a Tammy Wynette record perhaps too loud. Im not sure if it’s the sound of Tammy herself  that compliments a half hazed stupor, or if it’s the alcohol that brings out the best in the songs. I do know that ‘Stand By Your Man’ has never sounded so good as it does tonight.

THere are things I probably should be doing. Emails to reply to. Social uh, situations I should be tending to. But immature as it is, I just dont fucking feel like it right now. What is youth if not an excuse to put minor (and not so minor) details on hold and unplug the proverbial telephone for a few days? Im nobodys mother and I hopefully never will be. Yes I realize I can often lean far towards the arrogant and selfish side. Yes I realize I have a short attention span and an even shorter tolerance and patience level. Duly noted. Rest assured our people are taking this into consideration for future reference.

What a week it has been! Full to the tits with social extravaganza and debauchery. I’ve met more people this week than I did all  winter. Mind you, some more acceptable than others, but people nonetheless. Some new familiar faces and friendships abound. Such is summer. It is thick in the air. Cool. Carefree. Relentless. Is this not what it is all about, folks? At the risk of being the downer, seeing the cup half empty… so are my twenties, and Im relishing them. And it feels good. Along with the social pleasures as of late Im crushing on the boyfriend more and more with each day that passes. Swooon. How amazed am I that I’ve managed to nail down such an ace with qualities that I never thought I’d be capable of beguiling. Score one, two, three for Derek.

Im still waiting with baited breath on a date for my interview in the metropolis. I did hear from the big whigs today. Apparently there was an illness within the management that has put scheduling on hold for the moment, but I have been assured that I am a prime candidate. Fuck yesss. Now all I have to do is woo them with my charm in person. How hard could that be? These people scrape entrails out of chest cavities for a living. Surely they must have a sense of humor. The mother of a friend, who was once a coroner, and graciously agreed to provide me with a letter of reference. That is more than pleasing to me, and should help me stand out above the rest. Im standing at the edge of a major turning point in my life and Im ready to jump. Either Ill land it and score a 9.5 from the russian judge, or Ill end up Thelma and Louise style in mexico with a muscle car and a handgun. Either way Im prepared to accept the consequences. Ive always wanted to see the grand canyon anyways.


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