Untill the music stops, you know I still run this thing like a dance hall queen.

I have officially moved off of Vining street. This is kinda weird since I have lived on that street my entire time here in Victoria. Ive hung my hat at Tories place. The fact that she was taking off tree planting the same day I needed a place to stay for a week worked out perfectly. Her roomates are cool and rarely even home so its kinda like Im living in this big colorful house all to my own. I feel kinda like Ive gone through the looking glass. Ive been working prettty steadily and today and tomorrow are my days off. I was so looking forward to a few days off work in the city before I take off but so far today is kinda glum. Natahna takes off for planting too today. I had a sleepover with her last night on a really small single size foamie. We stayed up really late packing her stuff and got a measley 4 hours of sleep. Waking up from sleepovers with her is always really fun because we never get enough sleep and when we wake up we are so tired that we basically talk gibberish and laugh our asses off at each other for most of the morning. Since we were so tired we decided it would be a good idea to treat ourselves to breakfast at Blue Fox before packing more. And it was good. The best idea we have had all week actually. Breakfast followed the deciscion to hit the yarn store so she could get some yarn to finish off the scarf she started last year. We snagged the last ball left on the shelf. Score. And of course I had to buy something so I got a skein of black cashmere because thats how I roll. On the way there we got caught up in a fucking military parade. They had closed off Douglas street!! WHat the fuck? The city was literaly divided and it took us nearly 45 minutes to get from Blue Fox to the Beehive (a would be 10 minute walk.). It was insane. SHe had planned to be on the 9 oclock ferry but it was 11:30 before we even got to her house. The it was time for coffee with her roomate and a chat about how influential he thought Aphex Twin was and about the intensity of the Window Licker Video. I was enthralled.

Now Im home with a cup of hot tea and have been working on the yoke of the Cobblestone sweater. his is taking longer than I thought it would. But its shaping up really awesome and if it fits when Im done I am going to love it so so so much.

Its really quiet here in this house. The silence was getting to me. I miss Sean like billions. Today is our year and a half anniversary.  Im trying really hard to like, live in the moment. Nonetheless, I seriously would like to just pack up my car and head out right now. So feeling quite melancholy, I ordered up a hawiian pizza and some hot wings. Excellent. THen I started snooping around this muther and what did I find? Lo- season one AND two of Viva La Bam Margera. Perfect. Nothing cures a solid case of the lonelies like watching full grown men act like retards and smash themselves to a pulp.

Onwards and upwards.


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