Why don’t you just drink some water and… stre-tsch?

The Jeane Dielman cardi is all blocked and shrunk and finished. Had to shrink it in the dryer for a while but Im pretty happy with it I guess.

Im not sure about the collar. I dont know if Im into how low the neck plunges. And maybe I made it a bit too wide. Maybe a little too grampa-y. What do you think? Any comments would be appreciated as I cant bring myself to sew the buttons on untill I decide wether or not its wort re knitting the fuckin collar.

Im at the dawn of my two days off work. Not sure how I feel about it. Ive been super super angsty all week. Stressed about money. About boys. About my life in general. Im gonna chalk it up to my high coffee consumption and call it a day. Start on decaf, I think? And I have made a huge to do list of chores and other shit to keep me busy over the next 48 hours which will hopefully leave me with some feelings of accomplishment.

I ran out of moisturizer this week so I might do a Jennifer Anniston in ‘Friends With Money’ style trek through the department stores downtown in search of samples. That might be fun.


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